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Orange County Pet News

Cat Cafe Coming to Orange County!

What is a cat cafe?

Pretty much what it sounds like. A cafe where cats do as they please. So really its combining 2 of your favorite things possible, coffee and cats. Concepts like these are not easy to find. Locations in Japan and Thailand are the most famous, however there are locations in Los Angeles and San Diego that you can find. Sadly there are no permanent cat cafe’s in Orange County.

Although we do encourage any intrepid entrepreneur to start one, you have our full support!

Moon Cat Cafe Coming to Irvine’s PeopleSpace

Now for the actual details of the cat cafe. These heroes are called Moon Cat Cafe. And these guys not only are bringing a truck full of happiness in the form of coffee and cats, they also have donated over $1000 to local non-profit cat rescue partners.

The concept is headed by Janet Pao who gives us an all too quick intro video.

How to Participate

Entering the Cafe

Remember that this is not only a business, but a business who also helps non profits. Therefore your going to have to donate a little bit to get in.

For $15 donation per person you will get:

  • Cat Cafe Visit
  • Cup of Gourmet Coffee
  • A Pastry
  • Moon Cat Cafe Roaster
  • Day pass inside PeopleSpace facility
  • And most importantly, time with the cats!

Cafe Capacity: 6

So of course, because this is a mobile cafe, they don’t have the luxury of having the ability to house entire companies or your extended family get-togethers. The maximum capacity of the cafe is 6.

That means, you got to get there early, because if we get in there and start playing with the cats, who knows how long your going to have to wait! (And we won’t be sorry no matter how long you had to wait!)

10% of All Proceeds go Directly to Zoey’s Place Rescue and Adoptable Cats will be On Board

Not only will there be adoptable cats and kittens, 10% of all proceeds that day will go to Zoey’s Place Rescue.

Other Quick Notes:

  • No wifi available 🙁 you will have access to people space however
  • You may bring your own food and/or drink
  • food/drink preparation is separated from the cat cafe area

Their Also Holding a Merchandise Giveaway (Up to $240 in Value)

If you thought things couldn’t get any better, you were wrong! Moon Cat Cafe is doing a giveaway. We’ve embedded the original announcement post so that you can go ahead and enter!