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March 25, 2020 Pet Care0

Veterinarians in Anaheim are here to protect your pets. Have you welcomed a new feathered or furry friend to your household, or have you recently moved to the area? If you are on the hunt for the best veterinarians in Anaheim, look no further than Brookhurst Animal Medical Center. We understand how precious your pets are, and we’ll always go the extra mile to keep tails wagging, birds chirping, bunnies hopping, and cats purring. Whatever kind of companion you have, you can rest assured that your best friends are in safe hands. 

Veterinarian in Anaheim services

At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, we care for a wide range of animals, providing first-class services for clients whose pets are in need of preventative and curative care. We have many years of experience in working with dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, mini pigs, and reptiles, and our service list includes:

  • Vaccinations
  • Animal surgery
  • Pet wellness examinations
  • Dental care
  • Grooming
  • Microchipping
  • Boarding
  • Parasite treatment and prevention
  • Lab testing
  • Diagnostic testing and examinations, including digital X-rays, ultrasound and radiology
  • Foreign body removal

We take care of pets from birth to old age, and we’re always on hand to offer advice. We aim to encourage positive habits and to take every step to ensure your pets live long, happy lives. As well as providing treatments and preventative services for pets, we also run a boarding service. If you’re off on vacation or you’re traveling for work, why not treat your pampered pooch or your feline friend to a trip to our pet hotel?

Emergency veterinarians in Anaheim

As a pet owner, there’s nothing worse than spotting worrying symptoms and finding yourself in a situation where you need urgent help or advice. At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, we know how scary it can be when your pet falls ill suddenly, or their condition starts to deteriorate. Our Anaheim clinic is open every day, and we provide an emergency service. We will always go above and beyond to do whatever is necessary to give your pets the best possible chance of recovery.

We know that it’s incredibly distressing to see pets in pain, and our friendly, compassionate team will be on hand to offer support, answer questions, and provide comfort if you do require urgent care. We have state of the art equipment on-site, and we use the latest technology to act quickly and maximize the chances of a positive outcome. 

Meet Dr. Lopez

Dr. Lopez specializes in the care of exotic animals, cats, and dogs. Originally from Guatemala, Dr. Lopez started his professional career at the University of San Carlos before moving to the US and completing studies at the University of California, Davis, Purdue University, and the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Lopez has experience in working with animals great and small, and he appeared on the TV show “Dr. Vet LA” while working at a pet hospital in Los Angeles.

Having spent time treating some of nature’s giants, including elephants and lions, Dr. Lopez now devotes his working hours to doting on domestic pets. As well as being a leader in his field, Dr. Lopez is also renowned for his friendly, polite nature, and his passion for animals shines through. 

What to look for in a vet

As a pet owner, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about taking your best friend to the vet. Nobody wants their pet to be in pain or to be subjected to procedures that seem scary or daunting. The reality is that sometimes, it’s impossible to protect our pets from every illness or hazard, and this is why it’s so important to find a veterinarian you can trust. Search for vets who are experienced and passionate, and look for a center that offers a personalized service. 

At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, we know that every animal we treat is unique, and we understand that your pets are part of your family. We love animals, and we’ll always treat your pets as though they belong to us. We provide services that promote prevention and encourage good habits, and we’re here to help if ever your pets need us. Our team is highly-skilled and experienced, and we love nothing more than meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. We take our role very seriously, and we’ll always take the time to get to know you and your pets. Whether your dog needs his vaccinations, your rabbit has stopped eating, or your cat has started limping, we’re just a phone call away. 

If you’re looking for veterinarians in Anaheim, and you want to make sure that your treasured pet is in the best hands, we would love to hear from you. Call us today to register and book a consultation. You can also find more information about us and our services on our website


January 6, 2020 Dogs0

Dog harness or collar? If you have a pet or thinking about getting one, there is a hot debate about whether or not pets should be walked in a collar or harness. What is your opinion? We want to provide information for pet owners, so they know the purposes of each. We want to help you keep your furry friends safe and protected on their walks! We will provide information about both then tell you our favorite options that can be purchased in-store or online. 


November 23, 2019 Cats0

Cats bring such joy to our lives and provide us a love like no one can imagine. As much as we love our pets, sometimes they do things or ruin things that they shouldn’t. It can be pretty frustrating and costly, depending on what your cat happens to ruin. There are some cases where cats have torn and ripped up full-on pieces of furniture. However frustrating this may be for us humans, we have to remember that our beloved pets are still animals, and they will act as such. 


November 1, 2019 Dogs0

Halloween is here, and if you are like those of us at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, you also love getting creative and dressing up your animals. We love seeing photos of our patients dressed up in their costumes! Halloween costumes can be bought at the store or even made at home. If you have a specific breed of animal, they can be based off a famous animal in a popular movie. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, or hamster, your pets can look festive this spooky holiday season. 


Summer is almost over! We hope that all of our furry patients and their humans got the chance to enjoy the beautiful summer we’ve had here in Anaheim and the whole Orange County. We know that as pet owners, it can sometimes be challenging to balance all of the tempting summer fun with caring for your pet. For example, many pet owners have to stay home on the 4th of July to take care of their pets and help comfort them through the anxiety that fireworks and other holiday sounds may cause. 


In honor of National Rescue Day, we wanted to provide everyone with the resources to adopt a new best friend for life! There are millions of dogs and cats in need of loving homes in the US and we encourage anyone who is looking for a pet to take in a rescue instead of purchasing from a breeder or store.



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