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Anaheim Community Resources

Community Resources

We love being a part of the community here in Anaheim and we believe it’s our responsibility to share our knowledge and resources about animals with everyone around us. At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, our veterinary team has a deep respect and appreciation for animals. We hope to share that sentiment by providing others with a better understanding of wildlife and domesticated pets.

Pet Shelters

We encourage people to adopt animals who need homes rather than supporting potentially exploitative pet breeders. The pounds and pet shelters in Anaheim are full of loving and friendly companions. Here are a few pet shelters you can visit around Anaheim and in the Orange County area:

Animal Care & Control

Wildlife surrounds us wherever we go. If you encounter a creature who needs help or medical attention, contact Animal Control near you. It’s best to have a professional handle the situation for everyone involved. Similarly, if you or your pet feels threatened by a feral animal, it’s better to contact wildlife experts because they have the training and experience to handle these issues. If you or your pet are involved in a physical interaction with a wild animal, see a vet immediately. At Brookhurst Animal, our Anaheim veterinarian can treat wounds, injuries, and provide vaccines as needed.

Anaheim Animal Care & Control: Call Now

Pet Care

While we provide many blogs and articles with tips and information about pet care, we would also like to share comprehensive guides from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pets. Though pet owners usually have the best intentions, animals often go mistreated or neglected because there is a lack of education about good pet care. It’s important to remember that no pet is “low-maintenance” and anyone who is interested in a pet should do the appropriate research before adoption.

ASPCA Caring for Dogs

ASPCA Caring for Cats

The Rabbit Society Rabbit Care

American Mini Pig Association Mini Pig Care

To learn more about pet care, check out our veterinary blog below for tips and advice.

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