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Veterinary Digital X-Rays in Anaheim, CA

Veterinary Digital X-Rays in Anaheim, CA

Veterinary Digital X-rays AnaheimBrookhurst Animal Medical Center have been providing Veterinary digital X-Ray in Anaheim, CA for many years. Our pet community is happy to have Dr.Carlos Lopez as our #1 Veterinarian in our city.

Our digital X-rays serves as one of the most common diagnostic tools in our veterinary practice. X-rays are typically recommended when the results of a physical exam or laboratory screening are abnormal. At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, we use an enhanced digital X-ray unit to examine a pet’s internal structures, including the bones, heart, lungs, abdomen, dental and other areas. 

The digital X-rays technology allows us to diagnose a number of conditions:

  • Fractures
  • Foreign bodies
  • Tumors
  • Tooth and Periodontal disease

Are veterinary digital X-rays in Anaheim necessary for my pet?

Not always, but if the vet suggest to do this. It’s a big YES! This will help the veterinarian determinate the what’s wrong with the pet and providing the highest quality veterinary care for your pet, Brookhurst Animal Medical Center believe technology can be a life saver and that’s why we have a state-of-the-art digital X-ray unit, which offers several benefits, including:

  • In matter of seconds images can be produced, which means less waiting time for you and your pet.
  • Using a computer monitor Images can be seen immediately while your pet is in position on the X-ray table, resulting in a more comfortable experience and less radiology exposure to your pet.
  • Images are clear and detailed helping our veterinarian with more accurate diagnosis.
  • There is no need of chemicals to develop digital images.
  • Images can be sent via email, in case you need a second opinion or you need it for a specialist

Veterinary Digital X Rays in AnaheimDoes my pet need sedation for the veterinary digital X-rays?

Sedation is not always required to obtain X-rays but each case is different and we cannot assure this until we see your pet. Some pets are really friendly and some other not. Whichever is the case we use safe, reversible sedatives that are often combined with pain medication to make your pet more comfortable for X-rays to be taken. 

Who monitor the status of my sedated pet?

Our staff members are very well trained and they will be monitoring your pet’s vitals while they are sedated until they are fully awake. Once your pet is sedated and/or ready to be X-rayed, they are positioned on the table. 

Can you explain us the process for veterinary digital X-rays in Anaheim?

Sure we can! The equipment is placed over the target area, and the X-ray is taken. Repositioning your pet may be necessary to obtain various views of the target area. In a few seconds the images are produced and appear on a computer monitor.

Does Veterinary Digital X-Rays can be used for Dental?

Yes! In fact when your dog or cat has periodontal disease, much of the damage takes place below the gum line where neither you, nor your Anaheim Veterinarian at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center can see it.

For this reason we use digital dental x-rays to determine your pet’s oral health. Digital x-rays in Anaheim, CA are safer for your pet and allow our staff to see the bones, roots and internal anatomy of the teeth.

Once the veterinarian see the images, our veterinarian will communicate the best treatment options. Rememeber if you are looking for Digital X-rays in Anaheim, CA or Orange County please Book An Appointment, we’ll be happy to see your pet today!

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Digital X Ray in Anaheim, CA


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