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Pet Vaccinations in Anaheim


Much like humans, pets need to be vaccinated to stay healthy and prevent illnesses. Some common diseases that pet vaccinations protect against are rabies, feline leukemia virus, and canine parvovirus.

Pet vaccinations will vary between dogs and cats. Some vaccines are categorized as core, meaning that they are vital for all pets. Others are non-core, and are only recommended based on your pet’s lifestyle and condition.

Dog Vaccinations in Anaheim


  • Rabies Vaccine
    Rabies is a preventable disease that is fatal to dogs who are not vaccinated. This viral disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal, and is also a threat to humans. Prevention is key, since there is no treatment available for rabies.
  • Canine Distemper Vaccine
    The canine distemper virus is widespread among dogs, and is a severe disease that may cause permanent brain damage. Unprotected dogs who develop distemper, especially puppies, may die from the disease.
  • Adenovirus Type 1 & Type 2 Vaccine
    • Adenovirus type 1 is one of the causes of canine hepatitis, which is spread though infected urine and feces. This disease can cause severe liver damage and even death.
    • Adenovirus type 2 is one of the causes of respiratory diseases such as kennel cough. This highly contagious respiratory disease is spread through coughing and sneezing. Kennel cough is typically contracted in areas where lots of dogs come into contact, such as boarding facilities, dog parks, and dog shows.
  • Canine Parvovirus Vaccine
    Canine parvovirus is one of the most common and severe diseases in dogs, that most frequently affects dogs under one year of age. Parvovirus is extremely contagious and strikes rapidly without warning. It is fatal for dogs if left untreated. Prevention is key, so it is important that puppies are vaccinated and maintain immunity with boosters. Dr. Lopez at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center has an extremely high success rate for not only preventing parvovirus in his patients, but also curing dogs who were infected. Over 80% of dogs who came in with canine parvovirus were cured by Dr. Lopez.


  • Parainfluenza
    The parainfluenza infection causes coughing and fever, and may be associated with Bordetella.
  • Bordetella
    This condition is more commonly known as kennel cough. Bordetella is not typically a serious condition for older dogs, but is more dangerous for young puppies.
  • Lyme disease
    The vaccine for lyme disease is recommended only for dogs with a high risk for exposure to lyme disease-carrying ticks.
  • Leptospirosis
    A leptospirosis infection is usually caused by exposure to rodents and standing water, so vaccination is restricted to established risk areas.
  • Canine Influenza
    Canine Influenza is similar to Bordetella. Vaccination is initially administered in 2 doses, with annual booster shots.

Cat Vaccinations in Anaheim


  • Rabies Vaccine
    The rabies disease is highly fatal to all animals, including cats. Rabies is transmitted through the bite of an infected animal, and is dangerous to humans and other animals. There is no treatment for rabies, so infected animals must be euthanized. Preventing this disease with the rabies vaccine is essential.
  • Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia) Vaccine
    Feline distemper is a severe and highly contagious disease among cats. It is caused by a parvovirus transmitted through infected cats, their feces, or environmental contamination. Kittens that have not been vaccinated or previously exposed are most commonly victims of this disease, which can be fatal.
  • Feline Herpesvirus Vaccine
    The feline herpesvirus causes feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), whch is a highly contagious respiratory infection.
  • Calicivirus Vaccine
    Calicivirus is another major cause of feline respiratory infections. Illness is characterized by nasal and ocular discharge, conjunctivitis, ulcers of the oral cavity, anorexia, depression, and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.


  • Feline Leukemia Virus Vaccine
    The vaccine for Feline Leukemia Virus is recommended based on the risk level of your cat. This condition is transmitted through contact between cats, and can cause cancer. Before getting the vaccine, the cat should first test negative for FeLV.
  • Bordetella Vaccine
    Bordetella is a contagious upper respiratory condition. This vaccine is recommended based on your cat’s lifestyle.

For more information on vaccinations for your pets, schedule an appointment with your local veterinarian in Anaheim for a consultation. Your veterinarian will work with you to determine which vaccines are necessary for your pet’s health and set a schedule.

At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, we believe that experience is important when it comes to taking care of your furry friends. Dr. Lopez is a leading veterinarian in Anaheim, and with his expertise in animal care and pet vaccinations, you can be sure that your pets are in good hands.

Dr. Carlos Lopez



  • What are pet vaccinations?
  • What pet vaccinations are necessary?
  • Why should pets be vaccinated?
  • Which vaccines does your dog need?
  • What should you know about cat vaccinations?
What are pet vaccinations?

Pet vaccinations are vaccinations that are used to keep your pets safe from illnesses. There are so many at-risk illnesses your pets can catch from other pets that it is essential to keep your pets shots and vaccinations up to date and current. We want to make sure your pets are safe.

What pet vaccinations are necessary?

The pet vaccinations in Anaheim that are necessary for pets are known as core vaccines. These vaccines include rabies, distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and depending on your pet, panleukopenia. Your pets will be much safer going outside of your home and interacting with other pets with these vaccines.

Why should pets be vaccinated?

As we mentioned, pet vaccinations in Anaheim are required because they keep your pets safe. Pet safety is very important to us, and we always love seeing our pet patient’s parents being responsible. If you have any questions regarding vaccines, please reach out to us.

Which vaccines does your dog need?

There are specific dog vaccinations that are required for your pet to have a happy and healthy life. These vaccines include rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis. The rabies vaccine is a vaccine that is required by law. Your pet must receive this vaccine. If your pet needs a rabies vaccine, make an appointment with us soon!

What should you know about cat vaccinations?

If you are curious about cat vaccinations in Anaheim, they need the same vaccines as dogs except for one extra one. The additional vaccine that cats are required to get is the panleukopenia vaccine. Other vaccines may be needed depending on your cat’s risk of exposure.


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