Teaching Your Dog to Cooperate during Brushing

Teaching Your Dog to Cooperate during Brushing
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Teaching Your Dog to Cooperate during Brushing

A cooperative pet

When recommending tooth brushing, there are 3 strict requirements

1. A cooperative pet

2. A motivated pet owner

3. A pet owner who is confident to perform the task

Step 1 Acclimating Your Dog to Mouth Work

Acclimating Your Dog to Mouth Work

  • Start at an early age

  • Place a little Dog toothpaste on your finger

  • Let your dog lick the paste from y our hand

  • Do this several days in a row

  • Follow with a treat reward and lots of praise

Step 2 Simulating Brushing with Your Finger

Acclimating Your Dog to Mouth Work

  • Wrap soft gauze around your finger

  • Place a little paste on your pet’s large canine teeth in the front

  • Gently rub the tooth in a circular motion

  • Do this for several days

  • Follow it with a reward and praise

  • As the pet gets comfortable, extend the finger down the sides of the mouth

Step 3 Introducing the Tooth Brush

Acclimating Your Dog to Mouth Work

  • Place dog toothpaste onto a finger the brush or soft pet toothbrush

  • Allow your pet to lick it from the brush

  • Praise and reward your dog

  • Repeat step for several days

Step 4 Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Acclimating Your Dog to Mouth Work

  • Gently hold back your pet’s lips

  • Brush the outside of each tooth, moving the brush gently in a circular motion with the brush at a 45 degree angle

  • Talk to your dog ins a soothing voice & always following sessions with treats

  • Brush a few teeth the 1st time and gradually lengthen each session

  • Concentrate on the area when the gum meets the tooth

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