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Pet Care

Three Reasons Why You Can & Should Get A Pet

If you have been thinking about getting a dog or cat, you’ll be happy to hear about the benefits of having a furry friend. Here in Anaheim, we are always running around and trying to keep up with the constant activity of everyday life. Some of us feel like we can’t get a pet, whether it’s because we are too busy or because our home isn’t big enough.

Those who have pets already know how much they can improve our lives – the unconditional love and cuddles from our pets is enough of a reason! Our pets can make us feel happier and improve our social lives, as well as decrease our stress levels. When you’re living in the kind of hustle and bustle community that Anaheim is known for, we need to take every opportunity that we can get to relax and de-stress.

While those alone are some great reasons for getting a pet, animal-ownership can offer many other benefits:

I. Emotional Support

If you’re ever feeling down, having a pet can improve your mood and emotional state in many different ways. Studies have shown that pet ownership can improve overall mental health, and decrease your risk of depression. Having a furry friend can fight off feelings of loneliness. Pet owners also report having a greater sense of purpose.

II. Heart Health

Opening up your home to a pet can also improve your overall heart health. Pet owners find themselves with a decreased risk of heart attack and stroke, lower cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. Studies have also shown that pets – particularly dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits – are able to detect changes in their owner’s blood sugar. This is especially helpful for people who are diabetic and need to monitor their blood sugar levels.

III. Physical Health

One of the lesser known benefits of owning a pet is that it can boost your immune system. For children, being around animals can also prevent the development of allergies.

When you get a pet, it is important that you take them out for regular walks or runs. In doing so, you are also doing yourself a favor by getting outside for some fresh air and physical exercise! For those of us living in the heart of Orange County, we could use any excuse to get outside. Being responsible for a pet will definitely keep you on your feet and on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

There you have it! Opening up your home to a furry friend will benefit you in many ways. In case you needed any more of a reason, Dr. Lauren Heit at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center in Anaheim is your go-to veterinarian in Anaheim. He will be sure to take good care of the new addition to your family.