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Top Five Things for You and Your Dog To Do in the OC

This weekend, take your dog out for an adventure! Despite its domestic, suburban reputation, Orange County actually offers plenty of exciting, dog-friendly options to explore and play all the way from Anaheim to Laguna Beach.

Dogs need to get out of the house for both exercise and mental stimulation. Instead of taking your furry companion on the usual walk around the block, try a change of scenery. The benefits are immeasurable – it can be a great way to build their immune system, improve their mood, and help the both of you make friends!

Here are a few fun places to visit right in the OC:

Splash Around at the Beach

Living in Southern California gives pet owners a number of incredible dog-friendly beaches to romp around. You and your dog are sure to playing fetch in the sand or swimming in the ocean. Among the most popular include Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach.

Our personal favorite is Corona del Mar because of the friendly atmosphere, clean environment and abundance of dogs! Nearby is the Sherman Library and Gardens if you want a calm change of scenery. There’s also a park that overlooks the beach if your dog ends up not being the biggest fan of beach.

Keep in mind to be very careful of your dog at the beach. Even though the OC’s state beaches are typically pretty clean, it’s important to make sure your canine friend isn’t consuming any trash, shells, glass bits, etc. For more advice, Dogs for Good published an extensive list of tips for anyone planning to take a trip to the beach that you can check out here.

Take a Walk in the Dog Park

Olive Hills Dog Park is a wonderful place to play a game of fetch or sniff other dogs’ butts (for your dog of course). Located in Anaheim, the park features agility equipment, benches, communal tennis balls, and water bowls. It’s divided into two portions – one for big dogs and one for small dogs.

Other great dog parks in Orange County include Irvine Central Park Dog Bark, La Palma Dog Park, Arbor Dog Park, and Laguna Beach Dog Park. When you’re taking your dog out, don’t forget to bring bags to pick up after them! Some parks provide mutt mitts, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Get Spoiled at the Pet Salon

If you haven’t had the chance to pamper your pooch lately, City Dog Pet Grooming is a great place to go for an affordable grooming. They offer dog washes, teeth brushing, haircuts, nail trimmings, and more. Your furry friend will feel and smell much better afterward!

Of course, there are tons of excellent pet salons and spas throughout Orange County. It just depends who your dog is most comfortable with, so they can have the best experience possible.

If you’ve never taken your pet to the groomer’s before, the first visit will probably be a little less about getting the dog groomed and more about getting your puppy acclimated to the environment. According to The Balance, pups should be no more than 16 weeks old when you first take them to the groomer, so they can be trained to cooperate with the groomer.

Play Fetch at the Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf is an exciting spin on playing fetch with your dog. Huntington Beach offers plenty of space (15 acres) and 18 baskets for you and your four legged friend. Prices are typically $1.00 to $2.00 dollars depending on the day.

While you should definitely have fun with your dog, make sure you’re mindful of everyone around you. Loud barking can interrupt other people’s games. Take care to supervise your pet or bring someone to help watch. Justin Weilacher from MultiBrief goes over basic etiquette when taking your dog to the public disc golf course here.

Grab a Bite at the Dog Bakery

If you’re in the OC and happen to stop by Fullerton, you should check out Furry Belly Deli Dog Bakery for your pet. Eating the same food day in and day out can get monotonous and even depressing, so grab a special bite for your dog if you’re in the area.

There are plenty of other notable dog bakeries throughout Orange County, such as Jackboy Dog’s Bakery in Anaheim. Just watch out for any allergies your dog might have and choose their treats accordingly.

These are our top recommendations for anyone looking to treat their dogs out in the OC. If you’re looking for more places to go, OC Dog Friendly is an excellent resource to find local dog friendly destinations. You can find everything from veterinarians to pet sitters and top dog beaches there. Lastly, Orange County is known to host tons of canine-centric events like the annual Corgi Beach Day, Oktoberfest, and the Long Beach Howl’oween Parade and Pet Adoption Fair, which you can keep track of through OC Dog Friendly as well.