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January 16, 2018 Orange County Pet News

Having a night out on the town? Celebrating a new raise? Toasting to the new year? Whatever your reason is for heading out this weekend, you don’t need to leave your furry companion lonely at home anymore – there are tons of dog friendly bars, breweries, and beer gardens right here in Orange County that you can go to. Not only that, they have delicious, ice cold beers that are sure to quench your craving.

Here are our top picks for locations that welcome humans and dogs alike. Many of these local favorites not only serve refreshing beverages, but snacks to munch on as well. Remember to drink responsibly and be courteous to other customers by keeping an eye on your dog.

Gunwhale Ales – Costa Mesa, CATop Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange County

Inspired by the Old West, Gunwhale Ales aspires to preserve the art of European farmhouse brewing. They serve signature “coastal ales” that reflect the wilderness of early California. Bring your drinks to the outside patio, so you both you and your dog can appreciate the fresh air.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyBootlegger’s Brewery – Fullerton, CA

There is beauty in the simplicity of Bootlegger’s Brewery. Located in Downtown Fullerton, there are tons of options for food and entertainment surrounding Bootlegger’s Brewery if you want to explore. You can situate yourself on one of the many picnic tables in the large outdoor area for you to chill with your dog after you grab your drink at the garage-style beer bar.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyAll-American Aleworks – Anaheim, CA

Tucked away in a suburban business complex, All-American Aleworks has the perfect solution to a long day at the office. The brewery prides itself on serving classic American-style ales and lagers to Orange County locals. Big plus: veterans receive discounts at this patriotic brewing experience and dogs are more than welcome.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyFour Sons Brewing – Huntington Beach, CA

This family owned brewery is exactly what it sounds like – a family owned brewery with four sons. Stop by for an all-natural beer in their taproom or try some of the culinary creations offered from the food trucks right outside. The location itself is spacious and open, perfect for friends, family, and most importantly, dogs.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyBoard & Brew – Tustin, CA

Board & Brew in Tustin, CA has yummy sandwiches and crisp beers… what more could you ask for? Make sure you feed your dog before you head out or bring some extra treats since the both of you will be drooling over the amazing food. For tips on dining with your dog, you can check out this article from Trips with Pets. It gives great insight on what to bring and how to feed your pet in public.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyUnsung Brewing Company – Anaheim, CA

Embrace your inner child at Unsung Brewing Company. The brewery owners were hugely influenced by superheroes like Batman and the Hulk, hence the giant comic book posters on the walls. Even their wide selection of beers, ranging from IPAs, stouts, reds, etc, are named after animated characters.The decor takes a minimalist approach, so no need to worry about your pup trampling over anything. Outside, there also a few tables and benches for the two of you to lounge about or you can head over to the Anaheim Packing District, which is only a block away.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyChapman Crafted Beer – Orange, CA

If you’re looking to stay a little later and have a lot of fun, Chapman Crafted Beer is an excellent brewery for choice. You and your four-legged best friend can enjoy games like corn hole or ping pong. They also have Taco Tuesday Trivia Nights if you have a knack for remembering random facts. As for their beers, there is a selection of 8 or 9 beers every night and you can even order an entire (aptly named) 64 oz growler.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyLegends Craft Brewery – Anaheim, CA

Stop by Legends Craft Brewery with your dog the next time you’re in Anaheim. They serve many fruity beers like their Heavenly Melons Belgian Wit and Strawberry IPA. If you’re taking your pup out on the weekends, it can become quite busy, so make sure he or she reacts well to crowded environments. Here’s a quick guide to grooming your dog’s bar patio etiquette from Andrew Warner if you’re concerned.

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyDear Lacy – Santa Ana, CA

Downtown Santa Ana has definitely been become a hot spot in Orange County with all the new trendy bars and restaurants popping up on First and Fourth Street. Equipped with a full menu, furnished outdoor garden, and tons of beer and wine options, Dear Lacy fits right into the hip new vibe. There are also plenty of other restaurants and activities to check out in the area after you have your fill, so you can take your dog for a nice stroll, too! 

Top Ten Dog Friendly Bars & Breweries in Orange CountyBackstreet Brewery – Anaheim, CA

Drop by one of Backstreet Brewery’s 3 locations in Irvine, Vista, and Anaheim, for a crisp beer after a long walk with your dog! Established in 1998, this brewery offers an assortment of beers, food trucks outside, and fun games for everyone. There’s plenty of seating inside and out – just attach your pet’s leash to a sturdy object to ensure nobody gets lost.

Spending time with your pet and going out for a drink with friends shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We can’t stress enough, however, how important it is to be extra responsible with your alcohol when you have your dog with you. Now that you’re barking up all the right breweries, you’ll want to maximize your fun and safety. For you and your pup to stay on your best behavior, check out this guide from Bier Kast. You can read what to expect at the breweries and how to prepare for them.

If you’re looking for more dog friendly activities in Orange County before you go bar hopping, here are just a few fun things you can do. In the event that something doesn’t go quite according to plan and your dog needs medical attention, Brookhurst Animal Medical Center is a local veterinary practice dedicated to treating your pet. We’re here for pet emergencies, regular checkups, or if you just want to stop by and say hi!


December 26, 2017 Orange County Pet News

This weekend, take your dog out for an adventure! Despite its domestic, suburban reputation, Orange County actually offers plenty of exciting, dog-friendly options to explore and play all the way from Anaheim to Laguna Beach.

Dogs need to get out of the house for both exercise and mental stimulation. Instead of taking your furry companion on the usual walk around the block, try a change of scenery. The benefits are immeasurable – it can be a great way to build their immune system, improve their mood, and help the both of you make friends!

Here are a few fun places to visit right in the OC:

Splash Around at the Beach

Living in Southern California gives pet owners a number of incredible dog-friendly beaches to romp around. You and your dog are sure to playing fetch in the sand or swimming in the ocean. Among the most popular include Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach.

Our personal favorite is Corona del Mar because of the friendly atmosphere, clean environment and abundance of dogs! Nearby is the Sherman Library and Gardens if you want a calm change of scenery. There’s also a park that overlooks the beach if your dog ends up not being the biggest fan of beach.

Keep in mind to be very careful of your dog at the beach. Even though the OC’s state beaches are typically pretty clean, it’s important to make sure your canine friend isn’t consuming any trash, shells, glass bits, etc. For more advice, Dogs for Good published an extensive list of tips for anyone planning to take a trip to the beach that you can check out here.

Take a Walk in the Dog Park

Olive Hills Dog Park is a wonderful place to play a game of fetch or sniff other dogs’ butts (for your dog of course). Located in Anaheim, the park features agility equipment, benches, communal tennis balls, and water bowls. It’s divided into two portions – one for big dogs and one for small dogs.

Other great dog parks in Orange County include Irvine Central Park Dog Bark, La Palma Dog Park, Arbor Dog Park, and Laguna Beach Dog Park. When you’re taking your dog out, don’t forget to bring bags to pick up after them! Some parks provide mutt mitts, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Get Spoiled at the Pet Salon

If you haven’t had the chance to pamper your pooch lately, City Dog Pet Grooming  is a great place to go for an affordable grooming. They offer dog washes, teeth brushing, haircuts, nail trimmings, and more. Your furry friend will feel and smell much better afterward!

Of course, there are tons of excellent pet salons and spas throughout Orange County. It just depends who your dog is most comfortable with, so they can have the best experience possible.

If you’ve never taken your pet to the groomer’s before, the first visit will probably be a little less about getting the dog groomed and more about getting your puppy acclimated to the environment. According to The Balance, pups should be no more than 16 weeks old when you first take them to the groomer, so they can be trained to cooperate with the groomer.

Play Fetch at the Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf is an exciting spin on playing fetch with your dog. Huntington Beach offers plenty of space (15 acres) and 18 baskets for you and your four legged friend. Prices are typically $1.00 to $2.00 dollars depending on the day.

While you should definitely have fun with your dog, make sure you’re mindful of everyone around you. Loud barking can interrupt other people’s games. Take care to supervise your pet or bring someone to help watch. Justin Weilacher from MultiBrief goes over basic etiquette when taking your dog to the public disc golf course here.

Grab a Bite at the Dog Bakery

If you’re in the OC and happen to stop by Fullerton, you should check out Furry Belly Deli Dog Bakery for your pet. Eating the same food day in and day out can get monotonous and even depressing, so grab a special bite for your dog if you’re in the area.

There are plenty of other notable dog bakeries throughout Orange County, such as Jackboy Dog’s Bakery in Anaheim. Just watch out for any allergies your dog might have and choose their treats accordingly.

These are our top recommendations for anyone looking to treat their dogs out in the OC. If you’re looking for more places to go, OC Dog Friendly is an excellent resource to find local dog friendly destinations. You can find everything from veterinarians to pet sitters and top dog beaches there. Lastly, Orange County is known to host tons of canine-centric events like the annual Corgi Beach Day, Oktoberfest, and the Long Beach Howl’oween Parade and Pet Adoption Fair, which you can keep track of through OC Dog Friendly as well.


Between hanging up decorations in your home and preparing to see your relatives, the holiday season can get incredibly hectic. If you haven’t had the chance to get the perfect gift for everyone yet, don’t worry! We have the ultimate holiday gift guide for your dog-loving friends and family.

1. Rescued Wine Pet Candle

We all love our pets, but sometimes, we don’t always love how they smell… Rescued Wine offers soy based candles in different wine-themed scents such as Palm Sangria, Cabernet, and Merlot. The best part? Their candles are made of recycled wine bottles and a portion of each candle’s sale goes to animal rescue groups!

2. Mutt Mitt

Your loved ones will definitely appreciate this gift! Mutt Mitts make cleaning after dogs a breeze and they’re completely biodegradable.

3. Corgi Planner for 2018

Help your friends get a head start on 2018 with this corgi-themed agenda. The charming planner comes in multiple layouts (daily, weekly, monthly spreads) to help keep track of tasks like work, birthdays, and most importantly, dog walks.

4. French Bulldog Socks

Keep frostbite at bay with these French Bulldog socks. They’re a great stocking stuffer for anyone who likes these puppies (and who doesn’t?).

5. Pins, Earrings, Necklaces

Dog Milk is always keeping up with the latest treats for dogs and humans alike and we absolutely agree with their review of these precious dog-themed earrings, pins, and necklaces. If you’re still searching for a gift, this is a definitely a great choice. You can’t go wrong with jewelry and you definitely can’t go wrong with puppies.

6. Dog Sweater

Forget ugly Christmas sweaters, get your friend a hoodie with a dog pouch! This way, they can bring their furry companion to enjoy all the fun holiday festivities together. Just a warning, these sweaters only support up to 10 pounds.

7. Ornaments

These festive ornaments make great decorations for any tree. They’re an affordable stocking stuffer for any puppy or cat lover!

8. Dog Shaming Calendar

This desk calendar is a definite weiner (winner) in our book. Pet Life Today recommends this Dog Shaming 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar and we agree! The New York Times bestseller features hilarious photos of troublemaking dogs, caught in the act.

9. Dog Selfie Helper

A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture with a pooch is probably worth a million. With this dog selfie helper, your friends can finally get cute pictures with their pet for those holiday greeting cards.

10. Personalized Pillow

Taking a tip from Fidose of Reality, we went on the hunt for the perfect personalized and affordable gift for every pet parent. Make the holidays extra special with these personalized dog pillows! The pillow includes a customized monogram of any name and include options including french bulldogs, poodles, labradors, dachshunds, english bulldogs, golden retrievers, pugs, malteses, rottweilers, and yorkies.

Hopefully, this gift guide helps you find the right item while staying under budget. After all, it’s the time to enjoy family, friends, and furry companions, not stress out over buying presents! Don’t forget that the best gift of all for both your friends and their pets is simply being together and making memories for years to come.

If you or your close ones need to take your pets to the vet over the holidays, Anaheim Veterinarian Dr. Lopez at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center is available to help. Please call ahead for animal emergencies and we can provide you with the veterinary care you need.


To all our fellow cat lovers, there is a cat cafe coming to Orange County. I repeat, a cat cafe coming to Orange County!!!

What is a cat cafe?

Pretty much what it sounds like. A cafe where cats do as they please. So really its combining 2 of your favorite things possible, coffee and cats. Concepts like these are not easy to find. Locations in Japan and Thailand are the most famous, however there are locations in Los Angeles and San Diego that you can find. Sadly there are no permanent cat cafe’s in Orange County.

Although we do encourage any intrepid entrepreneur to start one, you have our full support!

Moon Cat Cafe Coming to Irvine’s PeopleSpace


Now for the actual details of the cat cafe. These heroes are called Moon Cat Cafe. And these guys not only are bringing a truck full of happiness in the form of coffee and cats, they also have donated over $1000 to local non-profit cat rescue partners.

The concept is headed by Janet Pao who gives us an all too quick intro video.

How to Participate

Entering the Cafe

Remember that this is not only a business, but a business who also helps non profits. Therefore your going to have to donate a little bit to get in.

For $15 donation per person you will get:

  • Cat Cafe Visit
  • Cup of Gourmet Coffee
  • A Pastry
  • Moon Cat Cafe Roaster
  • Day pass inside PeopleSpace facility
  • And most importantly, time with the cats!

Cafe Capacity: 6

So of course, because this is a mobile cafe, they don’t have the luxury of having the ability to house entire companies or your extended family get-togethers. The maximum capacity of the cafe is 6.

That means, you got to get there early, because if we get in there and start playing with the cats, who knows how long your going to have to wait! (And we won’t be sorry no matter how long you had to wait!)

10% of All Proceeds go Directly to Zoey’s Place Rescue and Adoptable Cats will be On Board

Not only will there be adoptable cats and kittens, 10% of all proceeds that day will go to Zoey’s Place Rescue.

Other Quick Notes:

  • No wifi available 🙁 you will have access to people space however
  • You may bring your own food and/or drink
  • food/drink preparation is separated from the cat cafe area

Their Also Holding a Merchandise Giveaway (Up to $240 in Value)

If you thought things couldn’t get any better, you were wrong! Moon Cat Cafe is doing a giveaway. We’ve embedded the original announcement post so that you can go ahead and enter!

We Hope to See You There!


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