Meet the Vet

Meet the Vet

Our Anaheim Vet, Dr. Lopez, specializes in care for dogs, cats, and exotic animals. Originally from Guatemala, Dr. Lopez began his journey into the veterinary profession at the University of San Carlos. Since then, he has studied and worked extensively at institutions including the University of California, Davis, the University of Purdue, and the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Lopez also is also affiliated with veterinary organizations including the SCVMA, CVMA, and AVMA.  

After working at a pet hospital in LA, he was featured on Nat Geo Mundo’s television show “Dr. Vet LA” where he had the opportunity to treat animals such as lions and elephants. Nowadays, Dr. Lopez mainly works with more domesticated animals, but he can adapt his knowledge to all types of pets. At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, he shares his extensive knowledge in the field with his patients as well as other vets near Anaheim.

Dr. Lopez takes pride in the attentive care and time he gives each of his patients. Pet owners looking for a veterinarian nearby with years of experience can look to Dr. Lopez for the professional help their pets need. If you need a vet near Anaheim open on Saturdays and Sundays, give us a call! You can also drop by if you need a vet without an appointment, but we highly encourage pet owners to schedule a meeting online for convenience.

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Dr. Carlos Lopez - Veterinarian in Anaheim



At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, your family’s well-being is our top priority.

Meet the Vet


Dr. Lopez is the go-to for complex surgeries for all animals–emergency centers around Orange County even refer their patients to him.

Meet the Vet


Check-ups are vital in ensuring your pets well-being.

Meet the Vet


State of the art equipment and an experienced staff to give you the best care. Schedule an appointment

Meet the Vet


Pet hotel for short vacations and extended stays!

Meet the Vet


Every once in a while, pets lose their way. Microchipping makes the journey home that much safer.

Meet the Vet


Vaccinated pets are happy and healthy pets.

Anaheim pet grooming services


The VIP treatment consists of a bath, a blowdry, a haircut, and a nail-clipping.

Orange County pet dental care


Dental care is crucial in preventative care. Dr. Lopez provides teeth cleaning as well as more complex care.


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Sun* 10:00 am – 5:00 pm EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL FIRST TO 714-776-7387  NO WALK-INS AT THE MOMENT


1301 S Brookhurst St
Anaheim, CA 92804

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