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Ten Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

This Friday, June 21st is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! For our readers whose workplaces celebrate this holiday, here are a few tips to make your fluffy friends as pup-ular with your coworkers as they are with you.

1. Set ground rules.

Before you bring your pup to work, make sure it’s okay with your coworkers and boss. Once you’ve got the okay (who would say no??), discuss what you and your office are comfortable with and establish rules to keep everyone safe and productive. For example, if your coworkers are allergic to dogs, make sure to keep your pet in a designated area where pet dander can’t spread through the air. It’s also important to keep the star of the show in mind – your dog! Some dogs love attention and petting while others shy away from it. Make sure you let your coworkers know what is appropriate for your dog.

2. Puppy-proof your work area.

There are all sorts of funky weird gadgets for curious pups to play with in the office. However, common household items can be dangerous to animals and they can be easily damaged by animals. Make sure to keep all your wires tucked away to prevent them from getting gnawed on. Protect your pet from sharp corners and edges on drawers or desks. Your electronics, papers, and office supplies should be safely stowed away, far out of your pet’s reach.

3. Get to the vet!

You wouldn’t go to work with a nasty, contagious fever, so don’t bring any sick pets either! If your dog hasn’t been to the vet recently or gotten all of his/her shots, we recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP. Otherwise, your pet could bring unwanted infectious agents to the workplace and make others ill.

4. Practice makes paw-fect.

Before you bring your dog to the office, test how they fare in other public places for long periods of time. Bring them to a cafe as you read a book or to a restaurant for dinner. Chances are if they can’t behave themselves there, they won’t be able to at your office. Of course, that can be fixed! Lots of dogs need some training on how they’re supposed to act in public. Reward your pet for good behavior when you’re out and discipline them for bad behavior. With obedience training and practice

5. Don’t fur-get snacks, toys, and cleaning supplies.

Being in a new environment can be nerve-wracking for pets, too. To ease their discomfort, bring some familiar toys and snacks for them to pass the time with. Nothing’s worse than a hangry dog! If your dog isn’t house trained, we recommend you not bring them into the office. Regardless, it’s a good idea to bring some doggie bags and cleaning supplies in case of an accident.

6. Barks mean breaks.

If your pet is disturbing your productivity by barking or whining, it’s time for a break. You don’t want to scare or disrupt the office environment, so take your dog outside. Dogs usually act up when they’re restless or want attention. To avoid this, make sure to schedule breaks that include plenty of physical activity for your pet. This could simply mean a walk around the building or a quick game of fetch.

7. Have fun!

This is definitely one of the most important steps! Your pet spends a lot of time at home waiting for you, wondering where you are, and this is the perfect day to show them exactly what you do. We love and cherish our pets and having them in the office can be incredibly therapeutic for all parties involved. Make the most of National Take Your Dog to Work Day by giving your dog plenty of head rubs and treats while you can.

Every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center! We are a veterinary center located in Anaheim, CA that is dedicated to providing quality care to all our patients. If you need to schedule a checkup for your pet, our Anaheim veterinarian is here to help.