Bulldogs, pugs, and boston terriers frequently visit Dr. Lopez at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center in Anaheim.

Bulldog Veterinarian

Some of the most popular dog breeds for pet-owners in Anaheim happen to be short-nose dog breeds, such as bulldogs. Dogs with flat-faces and wrinkled mugs are hard to resist. From Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, and even Shih-Tzus, these particular dogs steal our hearts with their unique personalities.

As a pet-owner, you may have had trouble find a bulldog veterinarian in Anaheim. Whether it is for bulldogs, pugs, or other short-nose breeds, your dog may need special care from a veterinarian with years of experience. Dogs that are short-nosed, or brachycephalic, are prone to respiratory problems under normal conditions that are not as common in other dog breeds. For this reason, not all veterinarians are comfortable or experienced in treating short-nose dogs.

Some symptoms that indicate that your dog may have abnormal breathing are if they show signs of snoring, noisy breathing, wheezing, open-mouth breathing, and collapsing. Some other behaviors that your pet may show is if they actively extend their head and neck. He or she might also sleep in a sitting or elevated position, or with a toy between teeth in an effort to keep the airways open.

Common Complications:

  • Elongated soft palate
  • Small (hypoplastic) windpipes
  • Closed up (stenotic) nostrils
  • Everted Laryngeal Saccules
  • Excess oral and respiratory tissues clogging airways
  • Dwarfed limbs
  • Spinal abnormalities
  • Heatstroke
  • Obesity


Short nose dogs such as Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs often require special services. Some procedures that may be necessary for your short-nose dogs are:

  • Soft Palate Procedures
  • Rhinoplasty – “nose job”

Dr. Lopez at Brookhurst Animal Medical Center has significant experience in caring for short-nose dogs. As a leading veterinarian in Anaheim, Dr. Lopez frequently performs veterinary procedures and provides quality care for Bulldogs, Pugs, Shih-Tzus and Boston Terriers among others.

Dr. Carlos Lopez - Anaheim Veterinarian





  • Who is a bulldog veterinarian?
  • How do I choose the right vet for my bulldog?
  • How do you take care of a bulldog?
  • What vet services are given to a bulldog?
  • How to know if your bulldog needs vet treatment?
Who is a bulldog veterinarian?

A bulldog veterinarian in Anaheim is a veterinarian specialist who understands the unique physical attributes of Bulldogs. Bulldogs are a unique breed, but they are known to have heart, hip, and breathing problems. You want a veterinarian who understands them.

How do I choose the right vet for my bulldog?

Choosing the right bulldog vet treatment in Anaheim can be easy. We understand that your bulldog is your best friend, and they should receive the best top-quality care. You want to find a vet who understands the problems that bulldogs can develop due to their long term inbreeding.

How do you take care of a bulldog?

Our bulldog veterinarian in Anaheim knows that bulldogs are not the easiest breed to care for. They have years of inbreeding that has lead to consistent difficulties with their physical health. Our vet wants you to know that they require extra care and special attention if they are to have a long healthy life.

What vet services are given to a bulldog?

Our Anaheim bulldog veterinarian wants you to know that if your pet comes in, we will provide services to assess their health and see if they are experiencing any health problems or difficulty. We will do a full examination and will do x-rays or bloodwork if needed. We want to be sure your bulldog is receiving the best care.

How to know if your bulldog needs vet treatment?

If your bulldog is experiencing hip pain or discomfort, heart issues, or is having difficulty breathing, you should seek bulldog treatment in Orange County. Our veterinarians are highly experienced in providing unique care for your bulldog. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns.


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