Reptile Veterinarian in Anaheim

Reptile Veterinarian

Serving Reptiles In The Anaheim Community For Over 20 Years

Reptiles areย great pets!ย The spectrum of reptiles is huge from lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs, etc. Each type of reptile you may adopt or care for have different social, dietary and habitat requirements.ย It is extremely important to make sure that you have done all the research you can when you have your reptile. Be as specific as possible with your research because generalized care for reptiles can harm your reptile friends.

At Brookhurst Animal Medical Center, Dr. Lopez has decades of experience treating all types of reptiles. If you’d like to start taking the right steps for your reptile to have a healthy long life, go ahead and set an appointment and we will be happy to take care of your best friend.

Common Complications:

  • Abnormal Beak and Skull Growth in Reptiles
  • Abnormal Skin Shedding in Reptiles
  • Adenovirus Infection in Reptiles
  • Amebiasis in Reptiles
  • Arthritis In Pets
  • Bacteria In The Blood in Reptiles
  • Bacterial Infection in Amphibians
  • Ear Infections in Reptiles
  • Ear Infections in Reptiles
  • Egg Binding in Reptiles
  • External Parasites in Reptiles
  • Fungal Disease in Amphibians
  • Fungal Diseases in Reptiles & Snakes
  • Gastrointestinal Tract Infection in Reptiles
  • Herpes Causing Cancer in Amphibians
  • Herpesvirus Infection in Reptiles
  • Infectious Cloacitis in Reptiles
  • Internal Abscesses in Reptiles
  • Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) & Disorders in Reptiles
  • Obesity in Amphibians
  • Oral Inflammation (Mouth Rot) in Reptiles
  • Ouroboros โ€“ The Snake That Bites Its Own Tail
  • Parasitic Infection in Reptiles
  • Red-leg Syndrome in Amphibians
  • Reptile Parasites & Worms in Reptiles
  • Respiratory Infections in Reptiles
  • Retrovirus Infection in Snakes
  • Roundworms in Amphibians
  • Skeletal Deformity in Amphibians
  • Skin and Shell Infection in Reptiles
  • Spirurid Worm Infection in Reptiles
  • Stargazing Syndrome in Reptiles
  • Tongue Worm Infection in Reptiles


  • Annual physical exam
  • Fecal exams for parasites
  • Sex determination
  • Full diagnostic workups
  • Husbandry (basic care) counseling
  • Nutritional counseling


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