6 Canine-Celebrities From Orange County To Follow on Instagram

March 19, 2018 0

When you’re having a stressful day at work, nothing can turn that frown upside down like pulling up Instagram and finding funny dog videos all over your newsfeed. It’s much healthier than stress-eating and way cheaper than therapy.

We’re compiling all of the local canine-celebrities that we think you should follow on Instagram. These mischievous munchkins are always up to no good, and we love it. What’s even better is that they post about some of the hottest spots in Orange County to take your dog to!


Check them out!

    1. Vala The Corgi

      This dream team consists of two corgis, Vala and Archi, and their human sister. Like all siblings, Vala and Archi like to pretend that they don’t love each other – but we can see right through it! The trio can be found snuggling, sharing food, and driving their dog mom insane.


      2. Life of the golden boys (OC)

      The stars of this page are golden-retriever brothers, Sir Alex and Gunnar. These guys enjoy chewing on each others’ tails, serving their neighborhood watch group, and napping. Most importantly, they spend their time soaking up the Orange County sun!

      Tail chew toys are the best!! #flashbackfriday #brotherlylove #patientbrother

      A post shared by Sir Alex & Gunnar (@lifeofthegoldenboys) on

      Neighborhood watch. #nocrimehere ??‍♂️??‍♂️

      A post shared by Sir Alex & Gunnar (@lifeofthegoldenboys) on


      3. Kodie The Yorkie (OC)

      Commitment, enthusiasm, and perseverance. When it comes to protecting his toys, this little nugget is serious.
      Kodie the Yorkie can be found exploring Orange County’s dog-friendly beaches, playing dress up, and most importantly, hoarding his toys. We’re really excited to see what this adorable doggy is getting up to next.


      A post shared by Kodie Bear (@kodietheyorkie) on


      4. JediShnauzer (OC)

      There’s no shortage of Star Wars jokes on this page. Jedi the Miniature Schnauzer is a  huge fan. And he is excellent at playing dress up! Some of his favorite characters are Yoda (of course) and Harry Potter. When he’s not looking for new toys, you can find Jedi and his friends scoping out aisle 3 at Target.


      5. Golden Huck Fin (LA)

      This glorious golden retriever is fondly known as a local drama king, tennis ball collector, and cuddle connoisseur. Even though he is not from the OC, we think this beautiful canine deserves a little recognition for everything he does to bring joy to the Instagram community!

      Did you say Brunch?? ??? #sundaybrunch

      A post shared by Finley The Golden (@golden_huck_fin) on


      6. Popeye the foodie (LA)

      OK – he’s not from Orange County either. But LOOK AT THOSE EARS.

      My pupperoni – @pizzana_la . #popeyethefoodie #petfriendlydining #pizzana

      A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog (@popeyethefoodie) on


      Popeye’s favorite things to do include visiting the hottest dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in Los Angeles and Orange County. And we have to say, he has excellent taste in food. We’re glad to see that he is super careful to avoid anything he’s not supposed to eat



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